Reminder: Ira Sohn Investment Contest due this Friday

I've gotten a number of emails asking about the Ira Sohn Conference and Competition I discussed here last week. We will be at the conference taking notes and with live updates via Twitter (@DDInvesting).

With that said, I wanted to remind everyone that the Ira Sohn Investment Contest submissions are due by Friday at 5PM. EVERYONE should be entering this ($100 for entries, $25 for students). Dust off an old piece if you must - the chance to speak at this conference is remarkable to say the least. Truly an honor. Really hoping to see one of us on that stage next Wednesday.

Again, here is the website for the contest entries: Ira Sohn Investment Contest


Chris,  5/19/2011  

I don't understand why it costs money to give away your best ideas.

Anonymous,  5/19/2011  

They want people to submit solid, thoroughly-researched ideas. Requiring an entry fee discourages people from submitting half-assed write-ups.

Nick Gogerty 5/21/2011  

try the capitalistcollective. submit a write up get a $125k/year job as an analyst.


Anonymous,  5/24/2011  

Also they are trying to raise money for charity. It's not like Einhorn needs your starvin' $100 entry fee.


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