What would you like to see more of on Distressed Debt Investing?

Each year, I try to gauge readers' interest on what they would like to be seeing more of on the blog. This year, I created a new poll that I think will give me a good idea what people want me to focus on in the coming months.

Please take the time to make one selection below. Or, better yet, fill in a suggestion for me that I may have missed. I will take the reader (+ a guest) with the best suggestion out for dinner in New York City in 2012. Just remember to include your email address in the answer box (don't worry - only I will be able to see your suggestion + email addy).

As always, thanks for your time and support!



tv 11/29/2011  

I trade growth equities professionally and enjoy reading your distressed credit blog. Have for over a year now.

I would really enjoy more interviews and macro analysis of the junk market.

Cheers to you and your blog.


Joseph 11/29/2011  

I voted "Other" suggesting more coverage on distressed debt at international level. However, I do understand that the availability of info outside of the US is far from the US standard, and the legal area in foreign countries is far from clear. Yet, I am hoping you and/or other members may have good ideas. Nonetheless, thank you very much for this excellent, informative blog. I enjoy it tremendously after having joined it for more than two years.


dudeshirt 11/29/2011  


I voted Other, but got cut off. I would like to see tracking an investment through a bankruptcy/restructuring, perhaps mirroring a famous investor. Many times investors are scattering themselves throughout a capital structure, and it would be interesting to see an analysis of their investment thesis. For example, owning sub debt while trading in and out of senior notes, etc.

We can do the simple math for value, but it would be great to see a few examples of how the big dogs see things.

Brian 11/29/2011  

I voted for other. I personally found the most interesting posts to be a combination of manager interviews and topical case studies. I think it is helpful when you interview and up and coming manager and they share an idea (peppered with your questions and commentary). It gives the reader two things: 1) some background on a new potential investment manager, and 2) an actionable case study they can both learn from and potentially make money off of.

As an aside I think it would also be interesting if you gave some coverage to event driven topics but specifically talked about how to use options (a la the early days of Joel Greenblatt) to juice returns.

Anonymous,  11/29/2011  

As a new fish in restructuring, having been at my bank only 1 year, this site is excellent, very interesting topics and thoroughly analyzed. Looking fwd to the year ahead.

alternative investments 11/29/2011  

I have only recently gotten involved in distressed investing through this fund that is going to invest in distressed in companies in the Virginia and SE region. I just found this blog and am impressed with the level of detail on it. It would be interesting to have a post on what the affects of different macro environments might be - i.e. down from an EU spillover;muddle through; growth to the upside.

Anonymous,  11/30/2011  


I'd love to see more distressed debt concepts illustrated with research and case studies. I'd also like to see the reading list updated and additional resources added (where can non-institutional investors buy HY/distressed debt, what else do you read, career insight).

I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this. I've been trying to make the transisition to a HY/distressed desk analyst role for sometime. Your site has proven to be an invaluable source of information. Again, thank you!


Reader from CT

Aristarkos,  12/01/2011  

Hunter--I imagine that a focus on distressed debt case studies and valuations would be most worthwhile.

In particular, I like dudeshirt's idea to track an investment and perform an analysis of a respected investor's thesis and how it may evolve through the bankruptcy process.

Thanks for thus far providing a wonderful experience reading your blog....A

Lee,  12/02/2011  

The site is great as is, but it would be nice to see more distressed debt analysis applied to different styles of investing (i.e. using debt analysis to make a high quality equity investment, or linking a credit concept to a broader investment thesis). My point is that as someone not on the buy-side (but who does credit), I’d like to see how credit skills can be applied elsewhere in investing (other than debt investing). This suggestion is not to change the focus of your site though (which clearly should be distressed, but to introduce some variety of use of these concepts, if possible). Thanks.

Lasker 12/08/2011  

I'd like to see some more stuff on how time should be allocated. For example, fastest way to build relationships with the sell-side. What conferences to attend. What publication to read. How to build industry contracts quickly. What diligence items that can kill bad ideas quickly. What screens to run to find new trade ideas.


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