Happy New Year from Distressed Debt Investing

2012 was simply an amazing year. Credit markets reaped substantial gains, a number of bankrupt situations were incredibly profitable for many diligent investors, the blog had nearly 1.5M page views, and I met, spoke, and developed wonderful relationships with a number of readers throughout the year. I am very grateful for the readership, kind words, investment ideas, comments and suggestions that many of you send to me - the year wouldn't have been nearly as good without, what I consider, the most intelligent readership out there.

2013 will be bringing about significant, positive changes for my various sites. DDIC members will be receiving an email shortly announcing some of these plans. There will be some huge announcements in the 1Q of this year that I'm excited to share with you.

All that said, I want to wish everyone a Happy (and profitable) New Year for 2013! Thank you for all of your support!



Joe 1/02/2013  

Happy New Year Hunter! If there was an award for "Most Inspiring Blogger", it's yours! You da best :-)

Wealth Effect Blogger 1/02/2013  

Hunter, this blog has broadened my appreciation and knowledge of distressed debt and I want to thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and time and energy with your readers. Here's to a prosperous new years and many more great posts.

Anonymous,  1/03/2013  

Really amazing blog. Thanks for the generosity.

Anonymous,  1/03/2013  

I agree. I love this blog and really do appreciate you sharing your insights and thoughts.


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