Michael Burry: Hedge Fund Star

If you have not already seen the article on hedge fund manager Michael Burry from Vanity Fair, you can find it here: Michael Burry in Vanity Fair. This is from Michael Lewis' new book "The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine" which I am very excited about reading.

In 2005, a friend of mine pointed me to an article about Burry and Scion Capital. Every since then I have followed his moves closely, read a significant chunk of his Silicon Valley Investor archive, and scoured the web for his old MSN Articles (he wrote a column a long long time ago for MSN Money), as well as his old websites (www.sealpoint.com and www.valuestocks.net). In fact, what is interesting about the article above, specifically about Greenblatt seeding him, Michael Burry actually interviewed Joel Greenblatt for one of his MSN pieces in the the late 90s.

Unfortunately, Michael Lewis beat me to the punch, as I had quite a long piece on Burry queued up for the blog - Now with him back in the limelight, will try to write some more select pieces on Mike Burry and Scion. The earlist investor letters from Scion can be found at Scion Capital Investor's Letters


NK 3/11/2010  

Hunter, thanks for posting. Care to share what you found in your scouring of the web for old articles? Would love to take advantage of your research ;]

Looking forward to your reply!

Bella Vita 3/21/2010  

Read the article in Vanity and was instantly hooked. Well written...in terms that an average person can comprehend. Burry is an interesting person who draws parallels to almost no-one ( except Paulson ). Average Americans who are asking themselves why we as a country are in this awful state of affairs should read the article in Vanity. It is a real Eye opener....begs the question...who do you put your faith in....what branches of higher authority are worth their grain of salt. Where were the checks & balances...or Sheree was the over sight ( rambling now).

irrationalxuber 3/01/2011  

Would it be possible for you post the old MSN articles and any investor letters not published on the Scion Capital site? Thanks in advance!


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