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Coincidently, this week's Barron's has a great article on post re-org equities. You can find the article here: Post-Bankrupts: What Does the Next Chapter Hold?

One of my favorite pieces of the article:

In the coming months, Distressed Debt Investing will be covering each of these post re-org companies in depth. Stay tuned.


Anonymous,  7/26/2010  

I thought this paragraph was the most interesting part of the article. Post-Reorg is certainly a much more competitive field now than it was previously.

These days, the former backwater of bankruptcy investing is teeming with distressed-debt specialists. There are few undiscovered situations, and stocks of formerly bankrupt companies often carry higher valuations than those of peers that didn't go through Chapter 11. That makes it tougher for individual investors to find winners.

Anonymous,  8/04/2010  

any plans to look at some of the out of court restructurings? YRCW is particularly interesting, for example.


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