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First off, I'd like to thank everyone that has volunteered to write for the site. I would say we have 3 of our 5 spots definitively filled, and you soon will see their names / affiliations / links to all the articles they write in the right sidebar in the coming months. If you are interested, please contact me via email.

Importantly though, I received about 20-25 emails for people wanting to write about a specific situation here or there, but not with a firm commitment. I always find myself (and I am sure many others do as well) with too little time to cover and analyze every situation. With that said, I thought I would try an experiment: On the right sidebar, you will see a section entitled "Want to help out?" Whenever a situation comes up that either (1) I haven't followed and someone who knows the situation well would be better suited to write it up or (2) Many readers request a post on a particular topic of discussion and I don't have time, I will update that box.

So currently it read: "I am looking for someone to analyze PMI and determine the value of its unsecured bonds" PMI filed for bankruptcy a few weeks ago and bonds have drifted lower (even more so recently with the CDS auction). If you have looked at the situation, and would like to help out, all I ask is you email a few paragraphs to one/two pages explaining the situation and stamping a reasonable set of parameters / assumptions to get to a valuation.

When I get a sufficient response, I will use the work in question and develop a more comprehensive post incorporating elements from the author. And to get in front of a few questions I will get asked: Anything you send to me is 100% private / anonymous. If you would like me to post your name / affiliation, I will do that, but privacy is of the utmost importance around these parts.

Once the new post is up, I will change the "Want to Help Out Request" to a new situation and hopefully get more responses. I think this system will benefit all because (in theory) I will be able to cover more situations, more efficiently, and you as the reader, will be able to see more analysis of the many bankruptcies that seem to crop up more and more each day. Contributors will be granted a 6 months membership to the DDIC, access to me for resume/case study services/job search help for free, and will be invited to be a trial / beta user for our new project to be announced in 2012.

Here's to hoping we have a few PMI analysts out there! If you have any questions / thoughts, always feel free to email me at hunter [at] distressed-debt-investing [dot] com



hunter [at] distressed-debt-investing [dot] com

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