Distressed Debt Weekly Links of Interest

Here is what we have been reading (and watching) this weekend at Distressed Debt Investing:

Monish Pabrai's discussion on his charitable work in India [Forbes]

Daniel Kahneman (who was discussed in Baupost's recent annual letter) on Charlie Rose [Charlie Rose Show]

David Merkel's fantastic discussion on 4Q 13fs [Aleph Blog]

The out performance of the P/B ratio [Fat Pitch Financials]

Access Plans Buyout Offer [Value Uncovered]

Goode Trades, a new blog I stumbled upon, that has OPENED MY EYES to the crazy world of the penny stock pumping business [Goode Trades]

Selling Shovels in a Gold Rush [Leigh Drogen's Blog]

Interesting commentary on TRIDQ [Diligent Investor Blog]  (note: Hunter is long TRIDQ)



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