Classic Seth Klarman

Unfortunately, I am traveling today and tomorrow and will not be able to post much - in the meantime I want to point my readers to some legacy writing of Seth Klarman.

The Baupost Fund, which Seth Klarman is President, used to file certain SEC filings during the 1990s for one particular fund of theirs. In these filings, Seth Klarman gives his thoughts on the market of the time, the investment process of Baupost, and value investing in general. The readings can be found at the link below (make sure to click the text links and read through the various letters).

I hope you enjoy.


market folly 4/24/2009  

man those were the days, I totally remember digging into those and getting some great insight. Too bad all the filings are just plain-jane these days.

I've been tracking Klarman for a while now on my blog and figured I'd point you to some of his more recent thoughts if you hadn't seen them: http://www.marketfolly.com/2009/03/recent-thoughts-from-baupost-groups.html

Then here's some of his portfolio activity if anyone's interested in that as well: http://www.marketfolly.com/2009/04/seth-klarmans-baupost-group-increases_09.html


PlanMaestro 4/24/2009  

We are surely enjoying it. If in the future you join the twitter community, gives a tweet



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