Distressed Debt Investing: Systematic Risks

After we announced the hedge fund manager interview series last week, we reached out to one of the first hedge fund managers we interviewed here on Distressed Debt Investing: Peter Lupoff of Tiburon Capital Management (you can find Peter Lupoff's interview here).

With that said, we reached out to Peter to see if he would update us on how the markets have treated him in 2010 as well as any event-driven opportunities he is seeing currently in the market. We will be bringing you that interview early in 2011. Until then though, Peter pointed me to some fantastic resources on systematic risks and how it pertains to event driven and hedge fund asset allocation.

The first resource is an interview Peter did with Bloomberg News. You can view the interview here: Peter Lupoff on "Inside Track"

The second is a presentation Peter gave at a Fed/FMA Session on Systemic Risk in October:

And finally, Peter has penned an amazing piece entitled, "Systemic Risk – Curing the Disease and Killing the Patient" which can be found at Tiburon Capital's website here: Systemic Risk – Curing the Disease and Killing the Patient




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