Random Request: Graphic Designer

I know many people, from a variety of buy and sell side organizations, read this site. Would any of you know or happen to work with a fantastic graphic designer at your relevant shops that have developed templates for research pieces? Thanks!


Rob 1/06/2011  

Reach out to Rob Cohan from Kovida IS (www.KovidaIS.com)

Rob at kovidais.com

Unknown 1/06/2011  

Check out http://www.chadfullerton.com/


Josh 1/06/2011  


Check out mjdesignbureau.com

Good guys and very hungry for work

RuthAnne Dreisbach 1/06/2011  


A friend forwarded this to me. I and my team specialize in marketing comms and graphic design specifically for financial services. Alternative investments are a sweet spot. Check out http://www.dreisbachdesign.com

- RuthAnne Dreisbach

Anonymous,  1/06/2011  



He does fine work on any assignments he takes.

Corporate Venturing 1/06/2011  

The agency that did http://www.navigatorpf.com/tutorials

PDF tutorials are some of the best.
(Click the PDFs yourself to see the quality of their work for financial firms specifically).

To find out directly their graphics template designer, contact them at;

Navigator Project Finance Pty Ltd
Head Office
Level 1, Currency House
23 Hunter St, Sydney
NSW, Australia 2000

Anonymous,  1/07/2011  

I would highly recommend http://99designs.com/

It's a graphic design marketplace so you're not locked into one designer

way it works:

1. You tell them what you want and how much you're willing to pay.

2. A bunch of graphic designers submit designs based on your specification. The more you are willing to pay, the more designs you'll get.

3. Review the designs, give feedback on what you like or don't like, and pick a design.

Anonymous,  3/02/2011  

Get in touch with me at adam@3and1design.com . We are a graphic design firm with a strong background in banking and finance design work. www.3and1design.com


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