Distressed Debt Weekly Links of Interest

Here is what we are reading this weekend at Distressed Debt Investing

Fairholme Funds' 2011 Portfolio Manager Report [via Fairholme Funds] (Editor Note / Disclosure: I have a position in FAIRX)

General Maritime's Chapter 11 Disclosure Statement [General Maritime Docket]

Interesting analysis on Facebook's IPO [Ragnar is a Pirate Investing Blog]

More rumors that Petroplus' refineries are drawing more bids [Reuters]

Primer of Valuation Multiples [found via Wall Street Prep blog]

Analysis of Colonial Bancgroup's fight with the FDIC with regards to setoff rights [Weil Bankruptcy Blog]

Speaking of Colonial Bancgroup, an amazing analysis of the 8.875% sub notes on the DDIC [Distressed Debt Investors Club]


Ankit Gupta 2/06/2012  

Regarding Fairholme - this is likely naive, but do they disclose the size of their own stakes in the fund? I quickly glanced through that report and didn't see anything.

Anonymous,  2/06/2012  


As always thanks for posting relevant articles. Would love your thoughts on Berkowitz' statement regarding Sears turning into another Berkshire.


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