Three Year Anniversary

Yesterday marked the third year I have been posting at Distressed Debt Investing. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful and humbled I am to have the group of readers that I do.  This blog started out to simply bring light to a unique sliver of the investing universe that did not get the coverage it deserved.  After nearly 2 million page views, and over 7000 email/RSS subscribers, the site has transformed into something I could not have fathomed three years ago.  I have met so many fascinating people that have made me a better investor (and I'd like to think a better writer). I am forever thankful.

I hope this year to be the biggest yet for Distressed Debt Investing.  The blog has a brilliant group of writers that are contributing guest articles, we have a slate of fantastic series, interviews, and research pieces coming out, the DDIC continues to grow nicely, and I am revamping the resume and case study services to offer live, in-person classes as well as new service offerings for those looking for help securing buy side jobs. I plan on hiring a few interns / part time contractors to assist me with the build out of new features on the sites (1st job listing this week). I also have had the privilege to meet some of my readers and talk to you about some of the bigger goals and projects I am working towards for the site.  It's been a fantastic honor.

Thank you so much for your support over these past three years. This would not have been possible without the amazing readership I have been blessed with.

All the best,



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Anonymous,  4/04/2012  

This is an invaluable resource. You are doing a great service to distressed investing. Thank you.

Anonymous,  4/04/2012  

Congratulations and best wishes for many more successful years to follow...

Anonymous,  4/13/2012  

Congratulations Hunter and great job on the site.

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