Distressed Debt Weekly Links of Interest

Here's what we are reading this weekend at Distressed Debt Investing

A new blog I found this week: The Brooklyn Investor: Very sharp, and impressive commentary, and a recent post on a negative stub value trade at HRG [The Brooklyn Investor]

David Einhorn is getting long Howard Marks [Market Folly]

An comprehensive guide on understanding proxy statements [Old School Value]

Another stub trade thesis recommending a long trade in Loews Corp [Value Uncovered]

Another new blog I stumbled upon that is putting out detailed notes of Peter Thiel's Startup Class at Stanford [Blake Master]

Editor Note: I am working on a Hawker post and hope to get it up tomorrow (Sunday). Have a great weekend.


Anonymous,  5/06/2012  

Great blog finds. Thanks for the links.

Anonymous,  5/07/2012  

What are some of the catalysts for the 'normalization' of stub value?

Anonymous,  5/11/2012  

I was a 20-year employee of Tribune Company who bought stock through the company's paycheck deduction plan. I sold my stock when the company went private and I now find that a big chunk of my life's savings are now ensnared in a lawsuit brought by "distressed debt" investors. Does anyone really think that the stablilty of our nation's financial system and the citizenry's faith in it is well served sophisticated "distressed debt" investors suing ordinary shareholders?


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