Distressed Debt Weekly Links of Interest

Here's what we're reading this weekend at Distressed Debt Investing:

Third Circuit revisits equitable mootness in Philly News [Weil Bankruptcy Blog]

W.R. Grace is getting closer to emerging [Weil Bankruptcy Blog, yes again]

Buffett is cutting his exposure to consumer stocks [Prof David Kass' Blog]

Earnings surprises and subsequent price reactions [Musing of Markets]

Incredible read on claims trading in the KB Toys bankruptcy [Jones Day Blog]

Thoughts from ValueX Vail 2012 conference [Contrarian Edge Blog]

Thesis on shorting Activision Blizzard [Stableboy Selections]

Bronte Capital going from long to short in MSFT [Bronte Capital]

An interesting set of random thoughts from the Brooklyn Investor [The Brooklyn Investor]



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