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Hey everyone - Wanted to keep you up on an exciting event Reorg is putting together with the FT on May 4th and 5th - I will be kicking off the NY event and hope to see you there!

As background on the idea: Private credit is booming with estimates suggesting the market is now worth more than US$1 trillion. Having moved to the mainstream, with many buyside firms establishing direct lending or private credit arms, this asset class is creating changes in the debt capital markets, as investors seek out steady and healthy returns, and borrowers opt for new non-bank sources of finance.

The market is already enormous and GROWING. There are interesting questions to consider though: Despite ample capital, there structures didn't really exist at scale during the GFC and as or if the global credit cycle turns what are the implications for recoveries and  how processes play out.

When thinking about the conference agenda, and speaking to participants, we wanted to tackle some of the below:

  •  To what extent has it matured to meet the risk and return profile of an increasingly sophisticated pool of global investors? 
  • Can current rates of return be sustained in developed markets, against a fast changing and uncertain macro-economic and geo-political background? 
  • To what extent will Asia follow a similar growth path?
  • As demand for direct lending, distressed debt, structured credit and leverage finance increases, where will new avenues for growth emerge?
  • How concerned should investors be about warnings around systemic risks, market opacity, standards and illiquidity issues? 
  • Where will the regulation of private credit come from?

In partnership with Reorg, FTLive's Global Alternative Credit Summit will tackle these and other major questions. The summit will bring together leading investors, borrowers, lenders, regulators and advisers from the US, EMEA and Asia. Our agenda looks at how private credit is evolving and shaking up debt markets, assessing the key drivers behind its current rate of growth, and where the industry will go from here within the backdrop of rising inflation, war in Europe and the aftermath of the global pandemic.


When: Two days of streamed global content May 4-5, 2022, including in-person VIP sessions and networking in London and New York.

Register at https://alternativecredit.live.ft.com/home using the promotion code Reorg15 to access a 15% discount for all digital content.

I hope to see you all there!




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