Takeaway Tuesday #3 9/13/2022

After a lot of suggestion, we may be moving this to a substack of sorts. Apparently 2009 technology doesn't translate well to 2022...(yes the blog started 13 years ago - I had a lot more hair then)

Reorg Content (subscription required)

  • Performing / High Yield Credit: Veritas Technologies has been one of the most searched names on Reorg in September after they reported results with EBITDA down 50% y/y. While the company seemingly has a tremendous amount of liquidity, its capital structure has traded down past results.

Two Pieces of Content I Found Interesting

Something I bet you didn't know you could do on Reorg.com

Given inflation is the talk of the town, I bet you didn't know you could compare what law firms are charging their clients on Reorg, by level. Lets compare associates Proskauer and Latham, both huge players across many aspects of credit 

What we did was index EVERY final fee application over the past 5-6 years by law firm by position utilizing data science to break down these comp numbers.

Why is this important: 
  • If you are a buysider and you are comparing pitches/engagement letters from law firms, you can use this data to keep law firms honest
  • If you are a law firm BD, you can use this data to build marketing materials, comp sheets, and generally be more aware of the market
  • And if you are a law firm recruiter: this has the data down to the named associate/counsel/partner which can be used for head hunting purposes.
Let us know if you have any questions!


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