Takeaway Tuesday #6

After last week's post and just limping in to what felt awfully bad Sunday night futures (Emergency Fed Meeting, rumors on CS, etc) the relief rally came right in the nick of time. Does anyone else feel like we are in the beginning of the beginning though? 

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Something I bet you didn't know you could do on Reorg.com

We spent the last 18 months building the most comprehensive data lake for all things credit and restructuring related. Its the best thing we ever built.

Here is more information and awesome video: https://www.reorg.com/products/credit-cloud/

Want to know every time Kirkland and Evercore worked together and what DIP looked in terms of fees or carveouts or budget like or the KEIPs that got denied in Delaware or the companies whose loans dropped the most in the past month with the least amount of liquidity that is also more than 7x levered. Want to see dashboards that show what your competitors are advising or investing in or maybe the fees law firms are charging for pre-packs...its all there

Effectively what we are trying to build: If you can ask the question in credit, Credit Cloud can provide the answer.

Give it a try or reach out to me and I'll set you up with the right person.



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