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Distressed Debt Investing gets over 1500 visits a day. After reading a number of StatCounter reports, it has come to my attention that a number of bloggers / website owners are frequent visitors to the site. This post is specifically for other bloggers - therefore, you may skip this post if you do not maintain a blog or website and call me a sell out :)

Some of you have guessed at this but one of my hobbies is Search Engine Optimization. Why? It started out as a competition with my wife who is far more web savvy than this guy. And strangely enough, I now actually consult on the side for website owners looking to increase their Google ranking.

If you search anything related to distressed debt investing, this blog comes up in generally the top 10 Google search results. For example, this site ranks:

#1 for distressed debt investing
#1 for distressed debt investing blog
#1 for bank debt investing
#3 for distressed debt analysis
#4 for debt investing
#8 for distressed debt securities
#8 for distressed debt valuation
#8 for distressed debt

etc. etc.

And this is where the important parts come in: How did I find all this out? I use a program called SEO Elite. If I were to recommend one product to bloggers and website owners out there, it would be SEO Elite because it allows website owners to really work with the Google SERP (search engine results page) to achieve higher rankings. Higher rankings = larger audience which is always a good thing.

I know the site looks spammy. But, please, trust me on this one.

Here are a few of the main features of SEO Elite. First, as mentioned above, it tracks where I rank in Google for keywords I preloaded into the system:

What is fantastic about this tool is that when I select one of the keyword from the above list, it graphically represents my progress in moving up the search rankings. For example, in the image above, you can see that I used to rank nearly 600th for debt investing and now rank 4th.

To make a long story short, the key to ranking high in Google is keyword targeted back links. As a blogger, you want people linking to you with the keywords you want to rank high for. For example: Please visit my website where I talk about distressed debt hedge fund strategies. In Google's eye, this will give me points for the keyword "distressed debt hedge fund strategies" ... But if I did something like this: Please visit my website where I talk about distressed debt hedge fund strategies; I would get credit for "website" which is useless.

In conjunction with this, the more powerful tool of SEO Elite is the ability to track backlinks. This feature is amazing. The ability to track backlinks is crucial in that you can:
  1. See who is linking to you and what anchor text they are using. The more contextual, specific anchor text the better.
  2. In certain cases where you want to rank high for a specific keyword, you can track the websites that return #1 for that keyword and figure who is linking to them and then possibly target their audience. Espionage for the win.
  3. You can use the tool to find other similar blogs related to your niche.
Now I know the price is expensive to some. I promise you it is worth it. There is a lot of support material that come with the program (a private forum, tutorials) which helped a newbie like me navigate the Google results page well. I promise you, with this program your traffic will definitely increase and become more targeted. I am very thankful someone recommended it to me four months ago.

If you have any questions or want a search engine consultation (free of charge) for your blog, contact me at hunter [at] distressed-debt-investing.com ... /sellout =]



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I have spent the majority of my career as a value investor. For the past 8 years, I have worked on the buy side as a distressed debt and high yield investor.