Distressed Debt Conference

If you remember, a few months ago I posted about a distressed debt networking event at the Harvard Club. I regularly attend these conferences and events for three reasons:

  1. Learning about investment ideas and themes in the current market
  2. Meeting with other distressed debt investors
  3. Getting my name out there for future capital raising endeavors
All three of these are quite vital in the current environment. Even if you follow a number of situations very closely, you never know what alpha generating ideas people are digging up in their corner of the sandbox. And in an environment like today (Madoff, hedge fund gates, etc), canvassing more like-minded pools of capital is a win-win for those trying to start their own fund or investment vehicle.

One such networking event / conference coming up in September is the Global Distressed Debt Investing Conference right here in New York City. I know, or have worked with a number of the presenters in one capacity or the other (one presenter, currently not shown on the agenda is arguably the best distressed investor out there right now, and he rarely speaks in public - more from him in a few weeks). Looking like this is going to be a top notch conference.

Hope to see you there!


Anonymous,  8/26/2009  

who's this mysterious presenter?

Anthony,  8/27/2009  

That conference sounds amazing. However, as an individual who is interested in distressed, I can't necessarily afford the close to $1,000 price tag for a one-day conference. I think that all of your readers would love a summary of the event and some of the key ideas to take away.


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