European Distressed Debt Conference Special Offer

A quite note to all readers - a month or so ago I introduced the 2010 European Investing in Distressed Debt Conference, taking place at the end of October in London . This is going to be a fantastic event for all distressed debt and leveraged finance professionals in Europe. I've worked with the conference organizers on the schedule and speakers and I hope you will be happy with the agenda.

With that, we have a special offer to Distressed Debt Investing readers. For a limited time only, the conference organizers are offerings Free Attendance for a limited number of Buy Siders and 20% off when you use the discount code "EDD_HUNTER_WEB" for the sell side.

For buy side clients interested in the offer, call Anastasia Guha on +44(0) 207 368 9581 or email anastasia.guha@iqpc.co.uk and mention you are a Distressed Debt Investing reader.

Everyone should definitely check out the conference homepage and check out the agenda. It's going to be a great one. And don't forget - We did an interview with Jon Moulton - one of our favorite interviews on the site to date. Enjoy!



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