I apologize for my absence. I have been traveling for work (and a much needed vacation). In the meantime, I am working on the 2nd installment of our Ira Sohn notes, finding a few good writers for our existing and new blogs I've been working on (email me if interested - there will be a formal posting on Bloomberg / career sites soon), working with my resume and case study clients, watching Game of Thrones, maintaining a vigilant stance on the corporate debt market in case further cracks develop and value opportunities arise (still seems far away), shorting Chinese frauds, and getting far too little sleep. In terms of value, here is where I am seeing it:

  • RMBS: Levels have weakened since the Fed botched the Maiden Lane 2 auction
  • Property (Re)Insurers: Steve Friedman touted it at Ira Sohn, and we've been looking at it since the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, both domestically and internationally
  • Big Tech: All the usuals that people have been talking about: MSFT, DELL, HPQ, etc (I have a position in all three and others) - definitely not distressed, but awfully cheap
  • Ping K15 3 Wood - Probably has taken 2 to 3 strokes off my game
Finally, as Distressed Debt Investors Club members learned a few weeks ago, I am working on a completely new and unique site that will combine dedicated practice and the wisdom of crowds to investing. This site will be both for retail and institutional investors. I am incredibly excited about it and will announce further details, as well as sign-ups for the beta launch in a few months (DDIC members will all receive beta invites). The site's technical aspects are FAR greater than I've set out to accomplish previously, so all the help working out kinks and bugs will be appreciated.

With that said, I am setting a goal of upping my posts to 3-4 a week (sleep be damned) discussing the on-goings of the event-driven, value investing, and of course, the distressed debt universe. We are even going to try our hand at some dedicated research (still need help building a visually GREAT template). As always, I love content coming from my readers - if you have thoughts to share, please contact me at hunter [at] distressed-debt-investing.com.

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Konrad 6/08/2011  

great stuff.
love the work you do!!

many thanks from Germany


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