Distressed Debt: Weekly Links of Interest

Over the next few months, I am going to try to posts a weekly roundup of investment related content on the web. Some will be related to distressed debt, other to value investing in general, and maybe a few things that have to do with neither. During the weekend, I try to catch up on all the data that I've missed during the week (remittance data here I come?) and read articles forwarded to me by colleagues and friends that I may not have had time to read. Here's to hoping I add a little bit to your weekend reading stack. Enjoy

Profile on Howard Marks of Oaktree Capital [Bloomberg Markets]

RSAnimate illustrates the paradox of choice [Simoleon Sense]

Interviews with a number of prominent financial bloggers [Gannon on Investing]

Enchantment book review by David Merkel [Aleph Blog]

Small cap high yield panel at the Milken Institute Global Conference [Milken Institute]

Discussion on the upcoming maturity wall (hill?) [Weil Bankruptcy Blog]



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