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I had a question for readers: How are you tracking new filings on bankruptcy dockets?

Am I missing a way to get all new filings emailed to me via PACER? Is there a service that does this for funds? Or is everyone just manually checking each docket throughout the day (unlikely)? We have readers across the buy and sell side, but also most prominent law firms in the restructuring practice, so it would be great to get feedback from a variety of readers.

If you have resources, services or ideas I might not be utilizing, would you mind emailing me (hunter [at] distressed-debt-investing [dot] com). It would be greatly appreciated.



Anonymous,  11/18/2011  


Anonymous,  11/18/2011  

There's a specific form used for the electronic filing notices and you are required to be a participant in the case in some form. The only times I've been able to receive NEFs is when I was involved in the case.

If you are involved in the case, you can submit a form to receive e-mails notifying you of new filings (they'll also contain links to directly download a copy of each document without going through pacer / paying pacer fees). In my case, counsel would fill out the form and would forward the notices as they came in.

Some alternatives (quick google search)




I've never used any of these services, so if you do, could you post a follow-up reviewing them?

frank,  11/18/2011  

this might be too crude, but might work?

it just detects when there are changes to a webpage and sends you a notification

Anonymous,  11/19/2011  

My suggestion is that you sign up for the rss feed from Reuters bankruptcy news. This works well if you are interested in the larger cases. The Deal.com also had a good tracking service (they may still have), but not inexpensive.


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