Distressed Debt Weekly Links of Interest

Here's what I am reading (and watching) this weekend at Distressed Debt Investing

One of my best finds yet: A constantly updated list of all outstanding and recent 363 auctions (Chilmark Partners)

All the details and background from ISDA on Greece's "credit event" (ISDA)

Monish Pabrai presenting at the Richard Ivey School of Business (The Ben Graham Centre for Value Investing)

Amazing article on Asia's richest man (The Globe and Mail)

Frightening Ambitious Startup Ideas (Paul Graham's Blog)

Paulson's letter to investors regarding their partial sale of Delphi (Market Folly)

Tom Gayner (Markel's CIO and someone I have tremendous respect for) speaks at the University of Maryland (notes provided by Professor David Kass' blog)

Annual Report of Martin Capital Management [Martin Capital Management]

Round up of all the 'Warren Buffet's' across the world [Santangel's Review]

New Conflict Rules for Debt Research [Integrity ResearchWatch Blog]

Japanese Net/Nets for the win [Oddball Stocks]

On lease rejections [Delaware Business Bankruptcy Report]


Anonymous,  3/12/2012  


Again great work with this blog. Definitely the most popular DD blog and great coverage helping many people to get to grips with what is a not the most transparent of topics.

Your most recent 'Weekly Links of Interest' where you identified the Chilmark 363 auctions page is extremely helpful for US focussed investors but have you (or anyone else) come accross anything even close to this for European bankruptcies/ distressed assets?


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