The Road to 10,000

In one month, Distressed Debt Investing will celebrate its 3 year anniversary.  Last month was the largest month on record with nearly 150,000 visits to the site.  I cannot begin to thank readers and contributors for all their help, kind words, and assistance over the past three years.  I have a lot in store for content in the up and coming months with things like a full blown series on trade claims, a series on purchasing small businesses out of bankruptcy, more distressed debt and post re-org analysis, and a number of interviews with players in the distressed debt market, just to name a few.

When I started the site, I had no idea or expectations on what it would become. Frankly, I got very lucky and blessed with a fantastic audience (and a patient wife).

Now, I am asking a small favor.  You will see in the left rail, near the bottom of the page an RSS counter.  This shows how many people have signed up to read the blog over email or through an RSS reader.  While really all that matters is the quality of audience (mine is the best), versus quantity, I've set a challenge for myself.  In the next few months, I would like to get that reader to 10,000 (currently at a little less than 7.000).

I need your help.  Whether it be forwarding future posts to friends and colleagues, re-posting articles on your own websites, or simply subscribing yourself, I would love to see that number at 10,000 shortly.

If you have suggestions on future posts or ideas that you would like to see written up on the site, let me know.  I'm always open to suggestions.

Thanks again for all the support.



Unknown 3/05/2012  

Thank You!!! You have a really hard subject to cover, but you do it in such a way that concise and easy to understand. I've learned a LOT about distressed investing from your writing.

David Merkel 3/05/2012  

Very happy for you, Hunter. You know you are probably bigger than me now, though I'm not sure, because I allow anyone to syndicate my content. Oh, and the not so humbly named "Wall Street All Stars."

But keep it up, you're doing great, I just want to give you one bit of advice: There's basically a "carrying capacity" for a mature finance blog, and once you get there, readership ebbs and flows with the market. I was disappointed when my readership "peaked out," but it was a good lesson for me in humility, and I just said to myself, "Doesn't matter how many read me, what matters is putting out good content."

Keep up the good work.


hunter [at] distressed-debt-investing [dot] com

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I have spent the majority of my career as a value investor. For the past 8 years, I have worked on the buy side as a distressed debt and high yield investor.