Quick Administrative Post

Three quick items of business:

1) If you have not, please head on over to our recent poll on what you would like to see on Distressed Debt Investing and let me know your thoughts. Remember, for those filling in a suggestion that I may have missed, I will choose the best suggestion and take that person + a guest out for dinner in New York City in 2012. Just remember to include your email address in the answer box (don't worry - only I will be able to see your suggestion + email addy).

2) Next year, I plan on adding four or five writers to this site that will contribute 1-2 articles/month. I have spoken with a number of interested parties, but particularly I am looking for people that want to have a voice and enjoy discussing / teaching concepts to a broader audience as a whole. For reference, last month had over 125,000 visits to the site from nearly 50,000 unique visitors and RSS subscribers. Whether you are out of work and looking to get your name out there, or established at a firm and just want to talk about investing, or possibly a lawyer that wants to promote business to his firm by discussing a topical issue on bankruptcy, we would love to have you. For those wanting to rename anonymous, I am obviously comfortable with such a move. If you are interested, please contact me at hunter [at] distressed-debt-investing [dot] com.

Update: For those asking what I am looking for in terms of writers, here is what I am thinking:
  • 2 distressed buy side analysts or restructuring professionals focused in the US
  • 1 distressed buy side analyst from Europe
  • 2 bankruptcy lawyers / attorneys that want to write about topical subjects as it relates to distressed debt investing
3) Speaking of the traffic stats above, starting in 2012 and to fund certain projects I will be working on across the sites, I plan on selling advertising on this site specifically. I would like to partner up with a company that not only can advertise here, but can also contribute meaningfully to our readers via a sponsored post that adds value to the community. If you or your firm are interested, please email me.



Anonymous,  12/09/2011  

Dude, he wants people with experience in buy/sell side disteressed debt/assets. For example, I do equity research but simply learn about debt investing here.


hunter [at] distressed-debt-investing [dot] com

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